Complete Inventory Control

Most vacation rental management platforms make it very difficult to setup the minimum night requirements for your properties and / or rooms. Many properties require a two night minimum stay, some require a weekly rental and others require a Saturday arrival and Saturday depature. Every property is different. If you have a bunch of properties or rooms, setting up all those properties must be easy, quick and flexible!

Easy-To-Use Interfaces allows property owners to quickly and easily update inventory and see it change in real-time. Take a look at the screenshot to the right, you'll see we've built out a graphical calendar interface to quickly and easily setup the minimum night and arrival / departure day requirements for your property.

InnFirst Rules Screenshot

Bulk Inventory Setup

We've incorporated several neat features to speed up the property setup process. Once your minimum night rules are defined, choose a rule and apply it to each day that the rule applies. Rather then choosing each day in a month, click on the month title and the whole month will fill with the color assigned to that rule.

Once your property or room rules are all set up and correctly assigned, you can copy those rules to all subsequent properties or rooms setup in the system. Setup has never been easier!!

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