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Damage Deposits and Security Deposits

Some vacation rental owners / managers charge a refundable security and / or damage deposit. This deposit is in addition to the room charges and can be collected at the time of the booking or at the time the remaining balance is paid. These "other deposits" are different than the reservation deposit, which is typically the percentage of the room rate (or may also include fees and taxes) required to confirm that reservation at the time of booking.

Other Deposits

"Other Deposits" are defined on the same tab as any taxes and fees when setting up or editing a room or property. They are considered refundable deposits and have separate line items on invoices, etc. Please do not confuse Other Deposits with the Reservation Deposit. The reservation deposit is defined under the Universal Rules menu item.

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Tip: Use the KISS principle when defining your rates and policies - Keep It Simple Stupid. We've reviewed 1000s of vacation rental websites, and inevitably the ones that are most successful are those that have simple, easy to understand rates and policies. Rather than charging separate cleaning fees, parking fees, credit card fees, late arrival fees, etc. Build those fees into your daily, weekly or monthly rental rates.Your bookings will increase - guaranteed. Guests reward simplicity with their business.

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